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Just Start

 Welcome to our blog! Today, we're starting from scratch, with no clients, no studio, and minimal equipment. For now, it's just me, but I say "we" to embrace the growth we aspire to achieve. So, let's dive into when and how we begin this exciting journey. Ideally, we'd start immediately, but we all know the world isn't always ideal. Distractions often pull us away from what we love and what's good for us. Nevertheless, let's aim to start as soon as possible! However, let's not make excuses and delay our starting time. We're speaking directly to you, our dear reader and fellow aspiring creator. Here's where we begin: Our camera body is a Canon EOS-R . We have a versatile Canon kit lens , the 24-105mm, F4-7.1 IS STM Lens. We're equipped with a reliable tripod. Additionally, we're making use of various random items we have at home. Assuming you already own a camera and some form of stabilization equipment, even if they were previou

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